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Nathan Cusson - Actor

Nathan is a mixed Latino Off-Broadway actor, born and raised in Willimantic, CT. He now lives in Queens, New York. Hoping to shape the world into a more loving place through the art of storytelling, Nathan strives to create and craft projects that tell the untold stories that are close to his heart. ​

Nathan is represented by The Talent Express

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Recent Projects



Chain Theater - April 2024

WITCHLAND is a multi-layered story of a modern American family who relocates to one of “the most toxic places in the Western Hemisphere.” The play explores whether the legend of the witch has supernatural roots or if she is merely a scapegoat for the misfortunes of the residents who have suffered from the toxic effects of the Hanford Nuclear Site.

Roles: Construction Worker/Possessed Residents


Law & Order

NBC - 4/27/2023

Law & Order
Role: Barista




 In a near future, where reincarnation is proven to be real, people can be arrested in this life, for serious, heinous crimes committed in previous lives. After the technology of Soul Mapping  revealed that past lives were  undeniably real, the world was plunged into anarchy. Social structures nearly crumbled, religions were questioned, relationships destroyed, and as with the introduction of every pervasive technology, a whole new culture emerged.

V.O. - Various Fill Characters in Mulit. Episodes


The Local 7 to Bliss Street

The Players Theater Feb 2023

The Local 7 to Bliss Street takes place on a subway with two young lovers in heated debate about mothers, jobs, and what type of puupy they will eventual adopt. 

Role: Steven


Love, La Familia: A Workshop Production

The Vino Theater Oct 2021

Love, La Familia is a semi-autobiographical play written by Nathan J. Cusson. The full-length play chronicles mixed Latina Kristen's journey as she navigates teenage life during the 21st century. Between family, school, and her dreams she faces constant hardship and loss even before her journey truly begins.

Role: Nathan

Assistant Director

Sound/Lighting Design

Nolen Eunice 2.JPG

You're The Measure Of My Dreams

The Vino Theater - Oct & Nov 2021

You're the Measure of My Dreams is a play about the new formed love and potential that surrounds Nolen and Eunice after they meet in the park during the New York quarantine of 2020. Their beliefs and values crash down around the couple and his roommates as they try to develop an app that questions free will. 

Role: Sam/Ted


Sound/Lighting Desgin


Audible Theatre

Limited Series Podcast - 2020/21

Audible Theatre is a self-produced podcast that features commentary on any form of literary works the given episode decides to focus on. It hopes to provide audiences with a slice of the performance world we all know and love.

Role: Host & Recurring Performer

Find us wherever Podcasts can be found

UU - The lowering of Holly.jpg

Unaffordably Unhealthy

The Tank Theater - Winter 2020

Unaffordably Unhealthy is a series of monologues depicting the lives of Americans who endure the hardships of healthcare in the United States. 

Role: Director

Sound Design

ATSWM Student Scene_edited_edited.jpg

A Therapy Session With Myself

Kraine Theater, NY 2019 - 2020

A Therapy Session with Myself tells the story of Alex Grayson, a young college student and aspiring writer dealing with severe social anxiety, depression and high-functioning autism. During the summer before his senior year, he receives a mysterious visit from “himself”, a human incarnation of his inner consciousness. As they interact, Alex is forced to reflect on his own flaws and personality quirks, as well as some of the darkest and most painful memories of his adolescence, while also pondering the question of whether or not he can overcome his many inner demons, and ultimately build a brighter future for himself.
Role: Me*
Alex's as he appears in his memories*

Chitra Photo of Photo One.jpg


Eastern Connecticut State University

Spring - 2018

Chitra is a a one-act play written by Rabindranath Tagore. It depicts the story of the warrior princesses Chitra and her relationship with prince Arjuna based on Mahabharata.

Role: Arjuna


Lion In WInter

Windham Theatre Guild
Winter - 2018

The Lion in Winter is a 1966 play by James Goldman. This play depicts the rule of King Henry II and how he navigates the battlefield that includes his wife Eleanor, his love Alais, his three sons, and the Phillip II The King of France.
Role: Prince John

Thread City Home From Work.jpg

Thread City

Eastern Connecticut State University
Fall - 2017

Thread City is a devised experimental theatrical piece that was created through oral histories, field research, and a technic called 'moment work' derived from the Tectonics Theatre Company in New York. The story of Thread City depicts the immigrant's journey from native countries to the harsh working conditions of thread mills throughout American history.
Ensemble Peice

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“We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”

The Doctor

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